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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tip of the week

Freeze and plan your meals!!

This month has been a bit of a tight squeeze so to save money I have started to plan my meals and freeze them into seperate pots. Meaning I dont have to bother cooking through the week,I save money and instead of choosing fat filled take aways Im eating a healthy meal every day...and as a result loosing weight! Happy Days :)

Choose a simple dish like pasta, veg and sauce (see recipe of the week), lasagne, chilli etc cook it up seperate it inot 7 plastic tubs with lids ( £1 for eight poundland)  and freeze. Take it out the freezer in the morning and microwave for 4-5 mins when defrosted or 7-8 if frozen.

Pack whatever you cook full of veg to bulk it out and to get those extra vitamins for energy, clear skin and shiny healthy hair.

It might sound like alot of hassle but you will thank me throughout the week when you cant be bothered to cook aand have saven those extra pounds towards a night out or a nice bottle of bubbly :)

happy cooking

Hayley Jayne x

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